AlpArslan Season 2 Episode 60 With Urdu Subtitle

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 60 Summary

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 60, If my daughter wants this marriage, too our peace with you will always make us, Armenians, feel safe against RomeYou called for me, father? Nature is a miracle. It heals. Come, Louisa. Magnificent Sultan of Seljuk state, whose mercy and justice are well known by everyone. When I got the news of your Surmari conquest my blood boiled. I thought to myself that the cities that surround Ani were the next. Lori area is important, my Sultan.

Thanks to our alliance with Prince Rome will not send his vassals behind Lori to help Ani. IN SHA ALLAH it will be as you said. It will be. Trust your brother who raided Kars many times. You should. What kind of test is this, oh Allah? I would give my life I would give everything I have, but how can I share his love with someone else? Is this what taking Anadolu will cost me, oh Allah? What am I going to do now? I miss Meliksah a lot, sister.

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This relationship with Sultan Alparslan will be better for us and our people. Sir, General Diyojen is here. You met Sultan Alparslan. What do you have to say Prince Kurige? This is the best time to escape Adrian. How? This poison will make anyone or even an elephant dead in 2 hours. You can’t do this. Now listen carefully. He wants to take me to Constantinople alive. When this poison activates and I faint he’ll have to treat me.

You heard me right. Sultan Alparslan offered to marry my daughter for our alliance. We talked and agreed on all terms. And I decided to ally with Seljuk, General Diyojen. So, you decided to choose an ally who are Muslim, instead of Rome, who are Christian. Is that so? Here’s the thing. Rome wants to shove their beliefs down our throats. And we chose someone who will respect our faith and who will not exile us. That is Seljuk.

What you said is going against Rome. I hope you know that. What about you General? You go against me and the Seljuks. Get out of my palace Romen Diyojen. God damn Rome! Father! Father! Let’s go, Princess. Let me go. Father! If you don’t want to end up like him don’t resist anymore, princess. What do you mean Seferiye Hatun left Mom? Why didn’t you stop her? She was so stubborn that she would still go if there was a mountain in front of her instead of us.

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