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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 131 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 131, Let go of my sons and take me instead. No, I healed your paralyzed son! I wanted you to join me! You stood against me! You will pay for it by watching your son die! Stop! Stop! They are still kids. You can convince them to join you. You will spare their lives. Come and take my life instead. Take my life instead, or I will fight to take your heads with my dying breath! Come on! Take me! Take me, so you can have the borderlands! My sons will go to Yenisehir together with Boran.

And you will take my head. I don’t have anything left but dying on this path. This man, who tricked the shepherd Turks! Osman! Osman, who gave them courage and a cause to fight for! Let’s allow his children to live so they can be our slaves, Nayman. They are only good for being slaves. My sons. My sons. I will put your head on a spear and visit every tribe, Osman. I will tell them that it’s over now and that they are my slaves! Come. Come. Archers.

Why should we let the children live and give them a chance to take revenge, huh Nayman? Kill them! Oh, Haqq! We are here Osman Bey! My sons, you are okay, right? We are okay, Father. My sons! Take them! Hold on Osman Bey. This way. Oh ALLAH. Osman! Where are you going, Osman!? I am going to cut off the heads of your sons and give them to their mothers! Don’t let them get away! This forest is mine! Capture them!

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Kurulus Osman Episode 131 Urdu Subtitles

We’ll hunt them down easier now. They’re trapped. Spread out and bring me his head. Nayman. We’ll follow this track. Did you wait too long? No. Tell me what you did. Did you go to Nayman’s base? Yes, I did. And I am at Nayman’s service. Good. You gained Nayman’s trust. I’m as close to him as his helper, Tendu. Good. Then end this tonight Ayceren. Take the seal from Nayman.

First Nayman’s army will leave him. Then he’ll die. Yenisehir Osman Bey’s MansionMy sweetheart. I was so scared you’d be hurt. I was very scared too thinking I won’t be able to protect our child. But I knew you were going to come. You kept your promise. Our kid. We’re going to have a child huh? Yes. I wanted you to hear it from me but it wasn’t in our destiny. It’s okay flower (wordplay on the name Alcicek meaning red flower)Next time you’ll tell me.

Besides, I think it’s a girl. Just like her mother. Will be a brave baciyan just like her mother. No. I don’t feel so. He’s going to be a brave soldier like his dad. Alcicek. You gave me the world. Allah blessed me with you too. Don’t take these off again okay? I’ll go and check it. Osman? Iltutan? What happened? Tell me where Osman is. Where is he? What happened? Alps. Get your swords. Let the baciyans know.

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