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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 133 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 133, In the unfolding narrative, an emblem that holds significance for numerous tribes comes into focus. Simultaneously, Yakub Bey receives word of Sultan Masoud’s condition, casting suspicion squarely on Osman. Yakub Bey confides in his son, Muhammad, instructing him to thwart the envoys dispatched by Osman to rally support among the chiefs, rallying them instead to his side. Meanwhile, Osman’s family, including Malhoon Hatun and Fatima Hatun, warmly welcomes Orhan and Alayudin.

However, a pall of illness hangs over Bala Hatun, with no swift remedy in sight. She experiences a recurring dream, much akin to the one that Alauddin had at the outset of this tale. Subsequently, Orhan Bey embarks on a journey to the border and encounters rebels on the way. He invites them to meet with Osman Bey. The scene shifts, revealing Osman Ghazi addressing the inhabitants of his fortress. The son of Char Katai inquires about his father’s return. Meanwhile, a stranger appears, bearing Charaktai’s amulet as a token.

He asserts Char Katai’s survival and discloses his whereabouts. Osman Bey takes the stranger under his wing, preparing to set out for the fortress. The scene shifts yet again to reveal Char Katai languishing in a dire condition in prison, part of Yaqub Bey’s elaborate scheme. Osman Ghazi Leif is dispatched to the fortress with the intent to eliminate Osman. At the same time, they receive word of an approaching convoy that they plan to ambush. Mehmet Bey senses an opportunity to thwart Ghazi’s plan and urges Chalo and Khan to join him.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 133 Urdu Subtitles VidTower

A thrilling caravan attack ensues, followed by a tense face-off between Irfan Ghazi and Holsera. In a bid to save herself, Holsera tries to stab Irfan Ghazi with a dagger but is apprehended. He recognizes her as a key player in their subterfuge. Meanwhile, Aladdin reaches Konya only to find Yakub Bey’s daughter already there. The two join forces and head to meet Sultan Masoud. In the next scene, Vezillus, the minister of Constantinople, divulges his manipulative tactics that have sown discord between Yaqub Bey and Osman Ghazi.

Further intrigue unfolds as Yaqoob Bey’s daughter, in collusion with the Konya court minister, seals Sultan Masoud’s will with his royal stamp. Alauddin makes a discreet exit. Sultan Masood reveals to Alauddin that he has concealed a treasure map, now destined for Osman Ghazi. On the other hand, Osman journeys towards the fortress of Ghazileaf and crosses paths with Yunus Emre. Upon inquiry, Yunus Emre adopts the moniker “Dervish.” Yaqub Bey receives the news of Sultan Masoud’s demise and hastily convenes the chiefs, urging them to unite under his leadership.

In response, Osman Ghazi demands the release of four captives, offering a substantial ransom, but is met with hostility as they attack him. During this tumultuous time, Yaqoob Bey declared his separation from Osman, asserting his claim to the Sultanate following Sultan Masoud’s death. The chiefs pledge their allegiance to him. However, Osman steadfastly refuses to pledge allegiance, vowing to fight in the name of Allah. In parallel, Orhan Bey endeavors to rescue Holofra with a considerable gold offering, only to have Mehmet Bey intercede and claim her as his own. The episode concludes, leaving viewers eager to unravel the ensuing developments.

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