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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 134 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 134, the episode takes place in the fort of Leif where Usman Ghazi demands the release of the four spinners and offers a lot of gold in exchange, which they refuse and instead, he turns on them. They attack and Usman Ghazi is surrounded by them. At that time, Yaqoob Bey came to Takfir and says that I am leaving you because of Yaqoob Bey then Yaqoob Bey said that Sultan Masoud had died, henceforth I am the Sultan.

All the chiefs pledged their allegiance to me. It has been done, you can do it too. Uthman says that we will not pledge allegiance, we will fight in the way of Allah. But episode 132 starts with the release of Charkotai where we see that Yakub Bey’s soldiers are releasing Charkotai and in exchange, they give some gold to the Christian soldiers and make Charkotai the show. Yaqub Bey has released Char Katai and we see that Char Katai is in a very bad condition.

Then we see that Yaqoob Bey asks Uthman to bait, then Uthman Bey says we are ready to go with you, but we cannot come under you. Time is needed and then Uthman also invites the chiefs who come with him to eat in the city, which they accept and say to Yaqoob it is okay, I will also come with you and as a new sultan, check your city. will do. Then Uthman asks where Charkatai is, Yaqoob Bay says that he has been freed and that he has gone to the place where he wanted to go in safe hands.

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On the other hand, we see that bitter words are going on between Orhan Bey and Muhammed Bey, and Holo Fara is tied to a tree by them, and since Muhammed Bey has already bought Holo Fara with money from Arhan Bey. Orhan Bey says that you will have to fight me first then you can take Holo Farako. Mahmat Bey says that Orhan Bey has fallen in love with her and I will not interfere with love and he again says that it is ok. You take Holo Fara with you and Mehmet Bhai also says that if you come in my way again I will crush you.

After that, Muhammad invites the rebels to pledge allegiance to him on behalf of Yaqub Bey. Then we see Master Weasels, who is plotting to pit the Turks against each other, and Remus, who has come and told the news of Charkatai, standing with him, then a soldier comes and tells the news that Our spy from Konya reports that Aladdin is returning with the treasure map, then Master Weasel sends Remus on a special errand.

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