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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 135, Then we see that there are very few people in the headquarters, very few swords, so Connor asks what is going on, so he says that Yaqub Bey told the chiefs that no one would help Usman Bey. While the conversation is going on, the rebels who are sent by Muhammad B. go and they say that we will fight with your people against the infidels and give you full support. Then Conor says that Well, Osman Bay is coming, he will decide you guys.

Then we see the scene of Rehan Bhai where he is looking for the treasure but we also see that Mohammad Bebe is following him and secretly watching him. Then Malhun Khatun comes to Yaqoob Bey’s bazaar and is welcomed and accompanied by Aladdin and Yaqoob Bey asks his daughter Gunja Khatoon how Alauddin is and she says that he is very smart. What an underestimate.

Then Ohan Bey is going inside the cave in search of treasure and Mahmat Bey and his soldiers are killed from behind because Holofra follows them silently, she sees everything and sneaks inside the cave. Osman Bay is in the headwaters where preparations are being made to attack Leif, then they see the rebels and they ask what they are doing here, they are told that it is Arhan Bay.

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He told them that they are here and they say that we don’t need their help. Then Arhan comes out of the cave in search of the treasure and they see a treasure in one place. At the same time, Holofra goes and says that those people are after him. At the same time, the Christians become soldiers and they A fight breaks out with Muhammad Bay and Muhammad Bay does not see them.

And then in the same fight, Hupkar shoots Arhan Bey with an arrow. Oh, they get wounded. Then Holofra takes them to the side. On the other side, we see Usman Bey telling the rebels that you guys have tried Arhan Bey. said that we test whether he is according to our standards or not, they say, “Okay, now I will test you people, then Uthman Bey fights with them and they also fight with great heart,

so Uthman Bey says Well you guys can join but you won’t get any of the loot Then we see that Arhan Bey is rescued by Yunus Emre and he treats her. Then we see that Uthman Bey goes to the fort, but we see that the fort has already been conquered, Yaqoob Bey’s flags are placed in the fort, and then Yaqoob Bey reads Sultan Masoud’s self-made advice.

And then Usman Bey says that you are neither like Mother Sultan nor like Wazir Alam Shah. Yaqub Bey says yes I am not like him because he was not Sultan and that’s the end of Kurlish Usman episode 133. Here we go to tell you what is going to happen in episode 135.

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