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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 137 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 137 Episode Summary

The 137th episode comes to an end with Osman Bey pledging his allegiance. The 137th episode commences with his alliance with Yakub Bey, which brings immense joy to him. Osman Bey expresses gratitude to Allah for revealing this day to them. The two leaders now declare that they should commence their conquests since they are united. Yakub Bey concurs and instructs his soldiers to notify all commanders that Osman Bey has proven his loyalty and is now on their side.

However, the Mongols arrive with their governor, which leads to a confrontation with Yakub Bey. Yakub Bey questions the governor’s claim to sultanate, reminding him of the past tax payments from the Seljuk Empire to the Mongol Empire. Now, as a sultan, the governor must pay taxes to the Seljuks, with a deadline of two days. Yakub Bey informs Osman Bey that additional taxes have been imposed on them, and now they must collect this tax as well.

Fatma Hatun informs them of Alauddin Bey’s love for Gonca Hatun, Yakub Bey’s daughter, raising suspicions of a conspiracy. Bala Hatun suggests investigating in the city. Meanwhile, Konur Bey finds bags of gold in Bayinder Bey’s room, planted by Master Vizilis to frame him. Orhan Bey orders Bayinder Bey’s arrest.Lastly, the text mentions a sudden fall of Bala Hatun and Alauddin Bey rushing to her side after being informed by Gonca Hatun.

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What will Happen in Kurulus Osman 137

In Episode 137, Boran Bey, who is critically ill, is carried to a hospital tent on Bayinder Bey’s shoulder. Master Vizilis, present in the city and overseeing twenty positions, predicts that Bayinder Bey’s task will be completed the following morning. Osman Bey questions Yakub Bey about the tax, and Yakub Bey replies that it is the Sultan’s order. Osman Bey insists that this will be the last tax they pay, as continuous payments will lead to their destruction.


  • Type: TV series
  • Episodes: 137 (as of Nov 22)
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Aired: Oct 4, 2023, to?
  • Premiered: Oct 4, 2023
  • Broadcast: Thursdays at 20:00 (Turkiye)
  • Producers: Mehmet Bozdağ
  • Licensors: ATV
  • Studios: Bozdağ Film
  • Source: Original
  • Genres: Historical, Drama, Action
  • Duration: 140 minutes
  • Rating: TV-14

Kurulus Osman Episode 137 Urdu Subtitles

During this time, there is unrest in the city as attackers take gold from the treasury and injure Boran Bey. Yakub Bey decides to join Osman Bey after getting information about the incident. However, Cerkutay suggests going as well, but the commander denies it, leaving Yakub Bey uncertain. Eventually, he instructs Cerkutay to accompany him. Master Gera, residing in the city as a merchant, approaches Osman Bey expressing his sadness and readiness to help if needed. Osman Bey instructs him to keep his gold ready for future use.

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