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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 140 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 140 Summary

Orhan bey encounters Holofira in the jungle, blocking her path. He asks her if she can accompany him, and she initially hesitates, revealing that she is running out of time. Eventually, she agrees to go with him. Hān Bey takes Holofira to a place where a table is set with a musician playing. There, he presents her with a rose and expresses his love, asking if she feels the same way. She responds that her love or lack thereof won’t make a difference because her mother disapproves of him, making marriage impossible. Hān Bey suggests that if he can convince her mother, would she consider marrying him. She replies that they’ll see when that happens. Kurulus Osman Episode 139

This entire scene is observed by Mahmat Bey, who vows not to let it happen.

The scene changes, and we see Osman Bey arriving at the camp of his soldiers. They inform him about the Mongol attack and the looting of the convoy. Hearing this, Osman Bey immediately prepares his troops and heads towards the location. When they reach, they find that the Mongols have set a trap for them, but Osman Bey manages to escape unharmed. However, one of his soldiers is injured. While examining the wounded, it becomes apparent that the Mongols are planning an attack on the city. Osman Bey orders an immediate return to the city to defend it.

On the other hand, at the border market, Mongol commander Kara Jala Soon arrives and initiates an explosive attack, causing chaos throughout the market. With their poisoned arrows and swords, they mercilessly attack the people. Meanwhile, the son of Jir Kutai runs out of the tent during the assault, and a Mongol arrow hits him. As he approaches, Gönja Hatun is also heading towards him, but Alauddin Bey pulls him away, saving him from another arrow, although Gönja Hatun gets hit in the arm.

Lastly, the text mentions the sudden fall of Bala Hatun and Alauddin Bey rushing to her side after being informed by Gonca Hatun.

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What will Happen in Kurulus Osman 140

Nevertheless, Osman Bey’s sons and wives bravely fight back, killing many Mongol soldiers. During the chaos, Jir Kutai’s son is seen running out of the tent, and he is hit by an arrow, falling to the ground. Gönja Hatun tries to approach him, but Alauddin Bey pulls him back. Despite his efforts, an arrow grazes Gönja Hatun’s arm.

Osman Bey and his forces, returning from the failed Mongol ambush, witness the dire situation in the border market. Realizing the urgency, they rush towards the city to confront the Mongol invaders.

At the same time, in Yaqub Bey’s palace, all the commanders gather around a table, and Yaqub Bey declares their separation from the heavens, vowing to achieve numerous conquests. He promises that they will never abandon him and distributes swords as gifts to each commander.

Finally, the episode concludes with a cliffhanger as Osman Bey, accompanied by his soldiers, prepares to confront the Mongols in the upcoming battle.”

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