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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 141 Summary

At this moment, Jacob Bey’s man arrives and informs that there is a message from the Sultan. When he goes there, Jacob Bey tells him that they both have endured similar pain, and our pain is due to the Mongols, whom Osman Bey has subjected us to. Now, you must get close to Osman Bey just like before and remain loyal to me, even though Cerkutay is not pleased with it. Still, Jacob Bey tells him that saving his life makes it worth it, and this thought convinces Cerkutay.

In the next scene, we see Jacob Bey and Osman Bey planning a project against the Mongols with their soldiers. Osman Bey says they want to break our resolve, but we will thwart all their plans. They decide to set up a table in the city in the evening and invite everyone, but Jacob Bey refuses to attend. Osman Bey orders the commanders to prepare the army, as they will celebrate first and then strike the Mongols with a powerful blow.

Then the scene changes, and we see Batur Bey going to Hassan’s house for investigations. However, when they are going, the spy Hassan is also following them. When they reach his house, the Crusader spy Hassan has already set a trap for them. As they open the door, two arrows come towards them. Still, Batur Bey, with his skill, manages to dodge the arrows, and Hassan silently watches all this unfold. When he sees everything, he says, ‘Now, I have no work here because my secret is revealed.’ Batur Bey remarks that they were sitting and having a meal with a spy for so long, and when they come out, Seljuk soldiers attack them. Batur Bey, fully prepared, faces them, and a fight ensues.

Then the scene changes, and we see Osman Bey looking thoughtful in his room about some project. However, Batur Bey and Konur Bey arrive, and Batur Bey tells Osman Bey that they have found the spy. When they ask who he is, they say it’s Faisal, and he is a Christian. Osman Bey is surprised, and then Konur Bey says that she could not capture the Mongol commander but has found the location of his hideout. Osman Bey tells them not to worry, as he has completed his mission.

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“And they say that now is the time for us to attack. Then the scene changes, and we see the merchant Ayaz and the Mongol leader. The Mongol leader is sitting and eating, while the Crusader spy, Ayaz, watches him angrily and says that my revenge is not complete yet. Until I don’t finish them, my revenge won’t be significant. In the meantime, they receive news that Vasilyev is coming to meet them. When he enters, he first informs them that Osman Bey and Jacob Bey’s daughter is fine. This angers the Mongol leader Kara Jilasun, and he asks how they managed to make the antidote. Vasilyev tells them that Batur Bey has revealed everything, and now there’s no use for him. Ayaz tells him that we need to wait a little because Osman Bey and Jacob Bey will force them to drown in their blood. Wise Leo tells him to take the poison used against Osman Bey and go to Jacob Bey, informing him that Osman Bey has formed an alliance with the Mongols, and this poison is proof of that. It will create a rift between Osman Bey and Jacob Bey, and it will be very beneficial for us.

Then, in the next scene, we see Osman Bey, who tells his son and others to guard a strategic position in the morning. Therefore, they should prepare as they are going to behead the Mongol leader in the morning. And then, we see Alaeddin Bey and Gonca Hatun in the next scene, who are sitting and talking to Saadet Hatun. She has joined the invitation to the celebration in the city at the request of her mother. During this conversation, Alaeddin Bey arrives at the border market. When she sees him, her face brightens, and she leaves the conversation incomplete. Then Alaeddin Bey tells them about Osman Bey and the Mongol leader. Gonca Hatun is listening very attentively because she joined this invitation at her mother’s request and has a purpose: to convey all kinds of news related to Osman Bey to her mother.

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