Kudus Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi

Selahaddin Eyyubi Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitle

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 5 Summary

In Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 5, we see Princess Victoria and Master are shown behind whom Zinc soldiers are stationed, and they are secretly trying to leave for the city of Iskalan. During this time, Zinc soldiers block their path, and an arrow hits Master Blackford’s shoulder. He becomes severely wounded and tells Princess Victoria that he cannot bear this injury, so she should leave. However, she insists that she cannot leave him behind. Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 5

She gathers some medicinal herbs and applies them to Master’s shoulder while on the other side, Commander Ghabrial is searching for them in the jumper. However, behind him, Turan Shah is also following. He claims he is not a traitor and will reveal the real traitor’s name from the commander’s mouth.

Then the scene changes, and we see that Nasr al-Din calls Salah al-Din to him, telling him that because of him, Sultan is in a difficult situation. Now, Salah al-Din should not go after Princess Victoria; instead, he will go after Turan Shah. Salah al-Din responds that if a prisoner does not come into our custody again, all my efforts will be in vain, and we won’t be able to conquer the city of Iskalan. I respect you a lot, so it’s better if you don’t come in my way.

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Next, we see the appearance of King Ball Down and Commander, who tell Salah al-Din that his time is up, and he has not been able to save Princess Victoria and Master yet. Now, his entire property will be under my rule, and whatever I do, I will do it myself. The commander says that if you don’t move from my path, Salah al-Din will again capture Princess Victoria and Master. Therefore, don’t waste my time. Then, the scene changes again, and we see Salah al-Din’s uncle, Azat al-Din, saying that your soldiers have been captured. Now you can’t go anywhere. If you resist, you will face consequences. Salah al-Din gets very angry upon hearing this and slaps him forcefully. In the market of Sham, he sees Nasr al-Din’s personal minister taking Salah al-Din’s companions in chains toward the prison. When Salah al-Din objects, he says that all this has happened because of me. I will find these prisoners and rectify my mistake. They are imprisoned.

Then the scene changes, and we see Sariya Khatoon, who is saying to her father, the ruler of Iskalan city, that because of my negligence, Salah al-Din is now in this state. I went to Salah al-Din’s grave, and because of me, Sultan Noor al-Din Zangi was attacked. The prisoners through whom Salah al-Din was about to conquer the city of Iskalan have escaped. All this has happened because of me. Therefore, I will find those prisoners and rectify my mistake. Upon hearing this, her father tells her not to do anything. What has happened is done. Now there is no person named Salah al-Din.

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